Reiki, Pranic Healing™ and Conscious Care™ Muskego, Wisconsin 414-254-3508 Using Your Body's Natural Healing Abilities to Improve Body, Mind and Spirit
Reiki, Pranic Healing™ and Conscious Care™Muskego, Wisconsin414-254-3508  Using Your Body's Natural Healing Abilities to Improve Body, Mind and Spirit  

     Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a subtle, gentle and effective form of healing therapy transmitting energy through the hands.      


     Reiki is useful for:

  • stress management,
  • chronic pain or illness,
  • relief from insomnia,
  • while recovering from surgery or chemotherapy 
  • and for just about any physical or emotional complaint!


     Reiki can be used by anyone, of any age. Sessions for children are shorter than the usual one hour. 


     Reiki is not massage. The client lays fully clothed on a massage table, and the practitioner places their hands lightly at various locations along the body. Clients usually report feeling slight heat from the practitioner's hands, as well as feeling very relaxed. 


Conscious Care recognizes the connection between the subconscious mind and the body.


Get to the root cause of your disease or distress, by peeling back the layers that may be blocking your healing.     


Together, the client and practitioner set an intention for the session using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and connect with the body, mind and spirit on all levels to identify and clear limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks to healing. 


Unlike Reiki, a Conscious Care™ session does not involve any "hands on" work, so it is effective for those people who prefer not to be touched. But, it is not "talk therapy", and does not require you to "tell your story" to the practitioner. 



"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."

Quote attributed to Hippocrates, often called "the Father of Medicine".

I have experienced energy work with Jeri several times. She is able to work with energy- such as Reiki - in a powerful and effective way. She has helped me to feel calm and settled in my body. Her friendly and easygoing manner always makes me feel comfortable and at ease.

   In the Conscious Care™ session I had with Jeri I felt subtle shifts and energy releasing. Although the process seems very simple it clearly had a healing affect - and without any effort on the part of the client!    

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My office is located in my home in the vicinity of Racine Ave. and Janesville Rd., Muskego, 2 miles south of I-43. Address will be given at time of appointment.


414- 254-3508  


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